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Brazil: BVMF (BM&FBOVESPA) News February 2011, Nr 23

Complete Report Nr 23, February

Public hearing for the competitive bidding to select Equity Option Market Makers
Comments and suggestions for stage 1 of the program to become equity option market makers should be sent to BM&FBOVESPA by February 18, 2011.

BM&FBOVESPA launches reference interest rates for the fixed-income market
BM&FBOVESPA began daily publication on February 1st of two new interest rate indicators, the 3 and 6 month Reference Interest Rates, which it seeks to make into reference rates for the fixed-income market.

BM&FBOVESPA launches cash-settled soybean contracts
Trading in the new cash-settled soybean futures contract started on January 27th. The underlying commodity is export type soybeans sold at the Paranaguá port, Paraná state.

Opening of the bidding process for the selection of a manager for ISE and IGCT ETFs
All entities interested in participating in the Bidding Process must submit their documentation to BM&FBOVESPA by no later than March 2, 2011.

BM&FBOVESPA breaks co-location trading and financial volume records
BM&FBOVESPA obtained five consecutive records of co-location trading (Bovespa Segment – equities) in January.

BM&FBOVESPA reaches almost USD 2 billion of public offering and follow-ons in 2011
By February, the volume from this activity on BM&FBOVESPA reached almost USD 2 billion. There were four IPOs by February 9th: AREZZO &CO, SIERRA BRASIL, AUTOMETAL and QGEP PART.

International Investors and Media professionals receive specific attention at BVMF
The BM&FBOVESPA website presents two new sections in English dedicated to international investors and media professionals:  INTERNATIONAL INVESTORS and MEDIA ROOM.

Volumes and trades by Direct Market Access (DMA) BM&F Segment (Derivatives)
In January, BM&F* market segment transactions carried out through order routing via DMA registered 16,404,063 contracts traded and 1,570,297 trades.

Volumes and trades by Direct Market Access (DMA) BOVESPA Segment (Equities)
In January, BOVESPA* market segment transactions carried out through DMA via co-location registered a record financial volume of BRL 2,512,390,000.00 and a record 385,960 trades.

MARKET RESULTS BM&F Segment 2010 (derivatives)
In January, derivatives markets in the BM&F segment (including financial and commodities derivatives) totaled 53,040,432 contracts and BRL 3.97 trillion in volume.

MARKET RESULTS BOVESPA Segment 2010 (equities)
In January 2011, equity markets (Bovespa segment) traded BRL 129.49 billion, in 9,304,931 trades, with daily averages of BRL 6.47 billion and 9,304,931 trades

Source:BVMF (BF&BOVESPA), 15.02.2011

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